More on case size testing

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Dragged out an old 19″ rack case yesterday, measured and the width is 17″ across the front, dropped the 10 stack into the case and it was nice to see that indeed there will be plenty of room to route 10 Ethernet, 10 serial and 40 power wires around the end of the stack without bending the Ethernet too much. So the correct long case will fit 2 stacks of 10, for a total of 20 dual core A9 ARM systems into a single 3U case. Nice.

Today I finish up a 9 pin male to RJ45 serial cable and ship it off to the data center for testing. If I get it correct, they will be able to use a straight through RJ45 cable to hook these up to the Cyclades serial console server. Want to get this right before I have 20 cables made into a single cable harness.


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