Male DB9 Serial to RJ45 socket cable built and tested

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Hacking, Hardware, ubuntu
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I want to bring the serial port of the TI Panda boards out to be attached to a Avocent Cyclades ACS5032 SCS serial console concentrator, and I want to make it easy for the IS folks to hook it up.  So that calls for a proper cable to be designed and tested.

Took some doing but I’ve gotten a serial DB9 Male to RJ45 socket worked out and tested (Thanks Sean for doing the testing in the DC).  I’m planning on a ribbon IDC style Male DB 9 connector that will plug into the Female DB 9 pin on the Panda board, that will connect to a keystone RJ45 jack.  That will make it very easy to mount 20 of them on the back panel of the rack mount case.  I think the serial port RJ45 keystone connectors will be blue in color and I’ll use white RJ45 keystone connectors to bring the Ethernet out from each Panda board.  Make it easy to tell which are which.

The test ribbon cable I had around was color coded just a random color coded ribbon cable, nothing special. The RJ45 keystone connectors are also color coded, but their code is the standard Cat5 wire code color

The front of a keystone jack

Keystone Jack front view

The back of a keystone jack
The rear view of a keystone RJ45

Ribbon cable straight through adapter wiring to plug RJ45 directly into an Avocent Cyclades ACS5032 SCS RJ45 port:

RJ45A 3 Orange/White	DB9 3 (Green)
RJ45A 6 Orange		DB9 2 (Orange)
RJ45A 4 Blue		DB9 5 (White)
RJ45A 2 Green		DB9 4 (Purple)
RJ45A 8 Brown		DB9 6 (Red)
RJ45A 7 Brown/White	DB9 1 (Brown)
RJ45A 1 Green White	DB9 7 Yellow
RJ45A 5 Blue/White	DB9 8 Blue

Easy enough but also easy to make a mistake (which I did when I read the Avocent Cabling page):

So it was a good thing I sent the cable to the data center and had a working Panda board sent there also so the DC gents could test it.  They caught my mistake and fixed it so one more thing taken care of.  I can add this to the cable harness and know it will work. Yea! 🙂


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