More on the Panda Build system

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Hacking, Hardware, ubuntu, Uncategorized
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With the design change of not using daughter boards changed the way the Panda boards are  put together.  The new design has some challenges are where to put the USB Hard Disks.  Really had to save space as we added 2 USB hubs for booting and an extra Panda board.  The Pandas are mounted forward in the case, with the 5vDC and 12VDC power supplies mounted on the side panels, followed by 2 fuse panels and relay control board also mounted to the side panels.

Today will be spent doing physical mounting of the hardware and tomorrow and Monday wiring the hardware up.  Need to order some more connectors and wires as the USB booting adds an extra wire per Panda that was not in the original design and need to bring out the Ethernet and serial port of the extra Panda board.

The pictures show the rough layout, there may be some fine tuning as I try to mount everything in the box.


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