How do you mount external USB enclosures? (or the next step in the PPA Panda builder)

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Hacking, Hardware, ubuntu
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The ongoing saga of the Panda builder, with the design change of no daughter card we needed a way to mount the hard drives into the chassis and connect them to the Panda boards.  Since the Panda only can add HD’s on a USB channel that made the choice fairly easy: Use a USB laptop drive enclosure.  Which leads to the next problem how do you mount an external enclosure that is not meant to be mounted?  Pick up some aluminum 5/8″ U channel and some 1/2″ aluminum angle and get creative with a band saw, drill press, pop-rivets and you get vertical stacking bays that hold 7 drives each.  You can fit 3 across the back of the case, leaving room for cables and such.  Yea.  Only took a full day to fabricate in the Texas heat, but that is another story (lets just say it is amazing just how much water you can drink in the heat).


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