Where oh where should I mount the power supplies…

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Hacking, Hardware, ubuntu, Uncategorized
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It was a fun day, trying to lay out the Panda server cluster again.  With the original design each Panda daughter card mounted the laptop sized HD directly on it.  With the dropping of the daughter card, I had to mount all of the HD’s in external SATA to USB containers, and then make mounts to hold all of them.  That was a success but as you can well imagine it took up a lot of unplanned space.  That space was supposed to hold the large regulated 5VDC power supply, the 12VDC power supply and the remote control relay board.   Ha, no chance of that now. :-/

What to do, what to do?

With lots of moving things around in the box I finally arrived at mounting all three items on the side of the case, looking at it from the front everything is mounted on the right hand side of the case.  I made up templates of each item, put locater holes in each template and then took the side off the case and out to the drill press we go.  Lots of drilling and then filing to remove burrs.  Couple hours or so later, everything mounted cleanly.   Nice, 4 hours rearranging stuff, drawing templates, 2 hours machine and mounting.  Almost an entire day shot.  Still I think it is going to be better then the original design with the daughter cards.

  1. Looked through all the posts. Its really cool. There are a few posts where I think *I wish he mentioned where he got X from* but good info on the whole 🙂

    Are those 3 fans really enough for so much hardware?

  2. Nicolas Jungers says:

    What about the separate power supplies? Is there a need for a common ground between the 2 power lines or not?

  3. Yeah, ARM is designed for low power consumption.

    Did you consider the huge amount of power that the harddisks need to spin up? This killed my last cluster PSU 😦

  4. Nicolas Jungers says:

    You are using two separate power supplies for the 5V and 12V lines, don’t you need a common ground for those?

    • dmtechtalk says:

      The 12v and 5v do share the common AC ground, but the 12v devices are only the relay board (relay power) and the front panel fans, the 5v devices are the panda boards and the laptop HD’s so there is no devices in common on the power supplies so really a common ground is not critical.

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