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Posted: June 14, 2011 in General, Hacking, Hardware, ubuntu
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It’s been a few weeks now since I’ve posted.  Had to do some major revisions to the Panda build system.  With external USB drives, USB boot cables and such it was impossible to install all 21 Pandas into the single 4U case. Bummer….  Really did not make my day, I had wired up 10 Pandas with power, Ethernet, serial, and USB boot cables and there was no room for airflow, let alone room to wire the other 11 Pandas.  I had to rip out all that work, and pull out 10 boards and relocate the 11 that were going to stay in the box, also ripped out 10 USB drives.

Grumble, that was not a happy day.  Anyway, moved the Pandas into a better spot in the box took out one full drive stack and 3 drives from the second drive stack.  Redid all the wiring and then shipped the box to London Canonical office.  I’m here now and the system arrived in pretty good shape, couple of cables came lose but no detectable damage.

Time to get it installed into the Data center.  RT Ticket to IS and hopefully it will get installed soonish.

The question was asked where I got everything.  The Pandas, power supplies and standoffs came from Digikey, the power cords, USB cables, and automotive fuse panels from, the relay board came from  The crimp connectors 22 & 18 gage wire and such from RadioShack and U channel, angle and plate aluminum, crimp on Ethernet connectors from Lowes (cause it is close to my house).   Finally the case was made by Par-Metal Products custom to my specifications.

I’ll put together a better list with part numbers sometime in the near future.  But at least you have some idea what is in the box.