Fighting a pandemic

Posted: March 18, 2020 in COVID-19, Face Shield, Hacking, Hardware, Health, Internet
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What interesting times we live in today. COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic and has spread though out most of the world and certainly though out the US. We are not ready to deal with something so contagious so we are going into lock-downs, shutting down service businesses, keeping people 6′ away from you.  Each of us doing what we can to help each other.

I’ve been printing face shields frames for the last 4 weeks, my 3D printer has been busy 20 hours a day or more.  It’s a great inexpensive printer, a Creality Ender 5 Pro.  I’ve done some upgrades and repairs.  I don’t think it was meant to run 20 hours a day for 4 weeks but it’s doing pretty well considering.  It gave out last night the plastic feed tubing pulled out of the extruder. Not good, looked like plastic fatigue.  Had to replace a part and shorten the tube a bit.  I started printing again but I expect the tube will break again since it’s shorter then it was and is getting even more flexing then before.

I’ve ordered a driect drive system for it that should solve the problem, we will see over the weekend.

I guess the reality is each person needs to ask themselves what can I do to help my family, my neighbors, the people in my city and area.  If you are not doing that, perhaps you should think about it in these trying times.

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